Biscuit Factory
16 Stoddart St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1AN

Date & Time

11am-3pm, Sunday
15th September 2019

Information for guests

Invitation only

Michael Bavidge


Gillian Allnutt


Mike Bavidge & Gillian Allnutt were joined by a small group of Mary's friends and family to launch the biscuit tin on its journey from Newcastle's Biscuit Factory. They discussed the theme of Love within Midgley's work. Gillian read a beautiful poem, 'Among Women', in which Mary appears -- the recipient of shortbread flavoured with lemon. The poem goes with the tin on its journey. You can also read it in Gillian's collection Wake.

Lemon shortbread was provided by Pink Lane Bakery.

Catch-up on the meeting and follow the tin's journey around the world here:

Twitter @parenthesis_in  Instagram @notesfromabiscuittin




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