Gala Studio, Durham

Date & Time

2pm, Sunday
17th October 2021

Clare Mac Cumhaill


Kayo Chingonyi


Poet Kayo Chingonyi and philosopher Clare Mac Cumhail met for an exploration of Chingonyi’s new highly acclaimed collection A Blood Condition and the philosophy of the late and brilliant Mary Midgley.

Midgely argued that philosophy is most necessary when badly functioning concepts cluster together to form a myth or image that dominates our thinking, obscures our vision, and gets in the way of our living together well. When this happens – and it is surely happening now – philosophers need the assistance of poets to develop new metaphors that help us see more clearly and reimagine things better.

After its delayed year-long voyage connecting philosophers and poets, and having seen out the lockdown in Tokyo, Midgley’s biscuit tin returns home to Durham packed with the poems it has collected throughout its journey around the globe.

A report will follow shortly.

This event was part of Durham Book Festival 2021.

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The Domestic


Women’s Choices
Midgley, M. and Hughes, J. (1983)
London: George Weidenfeld & Nicolson Limited, p.167-84