Thank you for helping a Young Poet to submit their work. We are very excited to read it.

One of the aims behind Women In Parenthesis is to encourage more and different kinds of thinking. A crucial part of this is encouraging women and girls to see themselves as thinkers, creators and philosophers.

We would be extremely grateful if parents, guardians & teachers could help us by completing a brief (5 minute) survey here which will help inform and improve our practice. As a thank your time and thoughts, we will send you an electronic copy of Mary Midgley’s unpublished radio talk, ‘Rings and Books’. This talk was written in 1953 and reflects on family life and philosophy.

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Over the coming months we will post some of the submissions we receive on our Instagram account @notesfromabiscuittin. Take a look to read some of the other poems we have received, and to see if we share your poem. If you have your own Instagram account we also encourage you to share your Young Poet’s poem yourself and tag us in the picture.

You can find more information about Mary Midgley and her philosophy on our website and you can listen to us on the radio talking about her work in context here. Find out more about our research here.

To celebrate the hard work that went into writing this poem, remember to download your certificates and award them to your Young Poet!

With thanks,


Women In Parenthesis Team