Online, from Munich School of Philosophy

Date & Time

5pm Munich / 4pm London (UTC+1)
Monday, 5th July 2021

Mara Daria Cojocaru

Mara Daria Cojocaru


Ulrike Draesner

Ulrike Draesner


Despite public life slowly being revived, Mara-Daria Cojocaru and Ulrike Draesner still had to host the event online and were joined by a diverse audience: fellow philosophers, poets, scientists, teachers and students came to discuss Midgley's 1973 Concept of Beastliness-paper, hear new work from Ulrike, one of Germany's most prominent contemporary authors whose work has received numerous prizes in all categories: from novels to poetry, essays to nature writing. She was hence perfect to talk in depth about the distinction Midgley introduces and criticizes in the paper: that between the Beast Within and the Beast Without, to reflect on the missives from Paris on language, and to explore the challenges in writing about other animals and the very specific potential that poetry can offer here. Blessed with an intelligent and devoted audience, the conversation could have gone for much longer ... had not the cookies run out.

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The Concept of Beastliness
Midgley, M. (1973)
Philosophy 48 (184):111-135